Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important for us at A2M Sports. We only require you to enter the mandatory information to communicate with you and to be able to put you in the right age group/ category for your sport you are interested in. We only collect your personal information (like Date of Birth) only to use it for registering tournaments that are age based and to provide rankings based on your age group. We do not publish the personal details other than your basic and generic sports profile anywhere on our website.

We do NOT share or sell your personal information (like Date of Birth) to any other persons or companies. If you register for a tournament, the tournament organizer will have access to your mobile phone number. This is mainly to contact you for any tournament updates and to use the information for emergency purposes. We require the tournament organizers sign a form agreeing that they will use your information only for that specific tournament and not share your information anywhere else. If we come across anyone that is misusing your information, we'll immediately block their access and may take legal action against them.

Any club information and your reviews/ ratings you provide for Coaches or Clubs will be published and available for public view. However, you have an option to post those ratings/ review anonymously. If you choose to post the reviews anonymously, your information will not be visible.

You can post comments on any tournaments and those comments are publicly available for all registered players on our platform. If you choose to post any comments or information disclosing your personal information, we will not block that information. Please post at your own risk.

If you sign up on our mobile app, we will send you notifications for any updates regarding the sports of your interest or if someone tries to communicate with you on our platform. We won't send any information about the sports that you have not expressed an interest. If for some reason, you don't want to get any notifications for a particular sport, you can easily update your Sports Interests on your profile. Though we don't recommend, you do have an option to completely turn the notifications off on your phones. If you do so, you will not receive any updates on your mobile phones. We'll send you an email if there is any significant change in our privacy policy. However, we recommend you read the Privacy Policy periodically and understand your rights.

The data we gather from a user, the Name, EMail and Phone Number are used only to communicate with the user. The Date of Birth is used only to determine the age qualification for the events the user is registering. The data we collect is the scores for the matches you played or the messages you post on the tournament page. If you want this data to be removed, CLICK HERE to submit your request. We will review it, and delete it in a timely manner. If you played in a tournament/ league and you want the results information to be removed or modified, you need to get the approval from the Tournament or League Director before deleting the data. If you are a member of a club and want your membership data to be removed from the club, you need to get an approval from the Club first and we will take action on our end. Please email us to if you have any questions regarding this.